Watched some Battlestar Galactica after a friend at work described it to me as:

“…some of the best story telling on television at the moment.”


“…the best thing to come out of America for ages.”

And actually pleasantly surprised. Whilst not remotely feeling the superlative enjoyment that Jon did, it has all the good charateristics of a solid drama series – characterisation, suspense, back-story, heroes, villains, and explosive action. Surprised at how different it is from a lot of other ‘sci-fi’ – no interest in featuring a technology, nothing made of the science that makes everything possible, and a slight disconnect from reality. Really more fantasy than sci-fi, but without enough CGI spaceships to satisfy the most 3d rendered fanboy.

So; interesting – will see how it develops. Although I am disappointed that there are no networks on the Galactica – they need a self-defending one ;).