Jungle is massive

Just saw, and really enjoyed, Peter Jackson’s Kong. Will make a faint effort to avoid spoilers, but in essence:

CG v. impressive
I’m not sure if Jack Black is slightly miscast, but brings some humour
The whole “t’was beauty stayed the beast’s hand” thing, cheesy as it was, I loved
Script good enough, cinematography v. beautiful (as is leading lady, Naomi Watts)
And the climax of the whole film for me: Kong vs. T-Rex. Nuff said; go watch it now!

Postscript: Orange Wednesday played up tonight and nearly stopped me watching the film. V. frustrating! They claimed it was traffic to the autoresponse line… rubbish! I’d advise all to text 241 well in advance (available in advance from Thurs am each week, apparently) to get their BOGOF for this one…