DSC01060 Had a great Christmas at Gem’s: starting off with an International Christmas Party with Gem’s friends, featuring a chocolate fountain! The party was v. entertaining, with about 10 courses served, about six of which were dessert – and it was interesting for me to see some people maintain a community from their youth, something I have only the vaguest understanding of beyond my family :P.

Gem’s family took great care of me and I had a great time; from the huge Christmas dinner, and the murder mystery game we played (fun though it was, these are TERRIBLE!), to a Christmas day spent opening fantastic presents and eating even more (my first ‘traditional’ Christmas lunch on Christmas day, with sleep inducing turkey and everything!), to boxing day visiting the impressive major oak in Sherwood forest. Gem was driving for the first time since getting her license about eight years ago, and was v. impressive!

Amongst the great Christmas chat was a discussion of a pie maker Tony mentioned at work a while back… which now seems to be out of production :(. Ah well…

Anyway, hope y’all have had a Merry Christmas and here’s to a topping NY!