“H” is for “Hero”

Had a party themed on the letter “h” on Friday, courtesty of Marion, Claire, Lilt and Louise – who continue to win the prize for most bizarrely themed parties. It was v. entertaining for the brief period I was there, but most people seemed stupefied by my costume.

I admit that I was slightly lacking in… gusto… in preparing my costume, as it was a Friday night and I was knackered after a particularly long week… but my “Green Lantern” t-shirt and claims to be “Hal Jordan, a Hero” were not appreciated as fully in the spirit of things by, amongst others, the Audrey Hepburns, Honey-Bees, Helipads, Houses and Humbugs in attendance. There was even a Hammerhead shark. It was all very surreal yet quite enjoyable.

And amazingly, I didn’t take my camera, so Flickr photostream goes unappended…!