Gem’s birthday do

…went really well. I managed to do reasonable justice by way of gifts — most significantly, spent 4 hours shopping with her for a storm watch (model = vista, in pink, if you care to google for it), from Debenhams. Shopping for that period of time made me really hate people (by which, I mean the crowds that inconsiderately march Oxford street…)!

But I coped, just about, and a bunch of us went for a very nice meal at a restaraunt called Octave8 in Covent Garden, which was awesome – and first time I’ve had “surf ‘n turf” in ages! Was a great evening, and glad Gemma enjoyed herself.

For those who think that I’m getting more egocentric than necessary by posting a picture of myself here, it’s at Gem’s request that I don’t post her pic too flagrantly on my blog! Privacy concerns from the non-exhibitionists out there!

Other photos on Photostream, though!