I’m not going to have an issue blogging about random thoughts anymore. I tried (believe it or not) to wait until I had something of substance to say before posting, but that evidently leaves this site un-updated for months at a time – and its not as interesting as I’d like it to be when I do post, so I think I’ll just lower my standards.

So – last night I had one of those “eureka” moments, and this morning I can’t remember what it is. All I know was that it would have made my life better, would have involved buying something, and I have no idea what it was. Perhaps I dreamt it, or was taken in by some advertising.

Either way, it is annoying.

Oh – and all you people looking for “David Armand”? He’s the anti-brother, a member of the Hollow Men, and unrelated to me except insofar as we were at Cambridge at the same time and my brother knows the Hollow Men a bit. I hear they have a show on HBO at the moment – good on them!