Long time no see…

Ah, the long silence, at last broken.

I’ve had an extraordinatily busy Q1 (how offensively management speak is that?) – as you can imagine from my digital silence.

One of my clients was at the 3GSM World Congress in February, so had a lot of work on that month, and between that, and various other bits & pieces going on in my life, there’s been little opportunity to blog. I’m keen to refresh the site in some way – perhaps a moderate redesign and somehow inserting a delicious linklog in here somewhere – but that, as with everything, requires a little more than I have at the moment. April was busy gearing up for Infosec at work… And May will be busy catching up on everything else that I’ve been missing out on!

Few things to update on, quickly:

(1) Am now seeing someone – which is great and holds all the excitement and terror that you can imagine that might bring. It is going really well at the moment – in fact, am freshly returned from a weekend away in Barcelona with the good lady, so all good.

(2) My parents came to visit for Easter and we had a very nice trip to Bath – good town!

(3) Have a new computer – so taking a while to get all software etc., set up to allow usual sleekness of blogging – including the “what I’m listening to” plugin etc., so please bear that in mind.

(4) I’ve reviewed the new Hitchhiker’s film for The London Line.

(5) I still think jam & cheese is the way forward.

I’m going to try to start posting more regularly, and will look for a decent photo-sharing service. Chris keeps banging on about Flickr, so I’ll have to look that up.

Hope you’re all well out there.