The climb…

Alright; there have been mobile phone difficulties: I’m afraid the promised text messages will not be forthcoming, as KK doesn’t have a mobile phone mast on top of it – outrageous, especially in the mobile phone obsessed country that is Malaysia! Am waiting on those digital photos, which should be dispatched to you generous donees early tomorrow, Malaysian time (GMT+8). We’ll try to send out appropriate print photography to the particularly meritorious amongst you.

I did speak to Arvind at the beginning of the walk (1km in) and it sounded like it was going well. His exact words were “[puff puff] its a tough walk [puff puff]”. So that’s good: you know that not only are you donating money to a good cause, but your friends are working hard to earn it, too.

I’ve just been discharged from the hospital and am recovering at home and gratefully receiving all your wonderfully generous emails. I’ve not had access to Trond and Iren’s emails unfortunately (will update with their friends’ donations ASAP), but from the friends of Arvind, Sheila and myself, we’d like to thank the following for their generous donations and support:

Rob Cotterill, Hattori Susumu, Kurt Budge, Gillian Stamp, Knox Bricken, Rowena Chiu, Fernando Slade, Ramesh Ramachandran, Sarah Bowman, Jamil, Julie & Alyana, Uri Levin, Kate Howe, Eric & Dana, Sharon Purcell and Alex Kamara.

Dave Goatman, Imo Power, Jo Brook, Mr & Mrs Brooks, Mills Roberts, Si Howe, Jazz Wadia.

Anthony, Maya, Vijayan, Narindar and Ann David, Pat David Saini, The family Tingustad, and all Davids-and extended clan who’ve given support and well wishes.

Julie Thompson Dredge, Gail Hamilton, Pob Bartlett, Gemma Thompson, Paul Davis, Richard B & Laura, Brian Darby, Rachel Payne, Damian Kahya, Gil Myers, Katie Pettifer, Angela Grainger, Alistair Lockhart Smith, Tom Phillips (who’s generously blogged the expedition as well) and Chris Applegate (ditto), and others who wish to remain anonymous.

Total donations at present have exceeded US$1300 this far (about UKP 700). Will do a proper tally at the end of the week and publish a grand total! Thanks to your generous support! If you’ve not said how much you’ve donated, we’d appreciate a note to let us know so we can add it to the total.

Thanks for all your support. Sheila and Arvind are due back tonight but I will try to get a phone update off them before that. Hope all is well with all you you.

Your digital sherpa,