A small thing for a big cause…

Message from Arvind, Trond, Iren & Sheila:

We know you will all have been watching the news from Asia over the past week. For those of us who have been our here – in Malaysia visiting friends and family over Christmas – it has been a deeply confusing time. Surrounded by tragedy, but personally unaffected, at a time which is traditionally one of celebration..

We feel compelled to do something to help. We know that you will feel the same. Being out here at the time of this disaster, we thought we could do something to encourage you to give even more generously than we are sure you already are. So, over the next 3 days the four of us we are doing a sponsored trek up Mount Kinabalu. At 14,000 feet Kinabalu is South East Asia’s tallest mountain: perhaps vaguely appropriate that at a time of angry waters, we are fleeing to higher ground.

We fly to Kota Kinabalu tonight, and start the trek tomorrow morning. All things being equal we will be at the peak for dawn on Wednesday.

What we are hoping is that this symbolic act will provide a focus and an added reminder to you to give to the disaster aid effort. We are recommending The Red Cross and it is easy to give online. If you drop us an email letting us know of your donation, or post a comment on this blog post, we’ll produce a grand tally of everything raised.

Everyone who gives will receive a digital photo of dawn from Kinabalu and an email detailing any adventures or mishaps, as well as a credit (if desired) on this blog.

Anyone who gives above RM100/GBP 20/Kroner 225 and supplies a mobile phone number will also receive a text message from the peak…

Wish us luck and please give generously. We couldn’t think of a better way to start 2005. We hope you’ll agree

Iren Kristiansen
Sheila David
Trond Tingulstad
Arvind Ethan David

If you would like your donation to be anonymous, let us know and we will respect your privacy but let us know amounts so we can work out a grand total.