The one with the tribute

(or, the one where Armand avails himself of the ire of every female reader of the inter-web through an act of extremely childish and superficial and purposeless misogyny, poorly masked as aestheticism)

Friends came to a close. It saddened me, despite how average I thought the series had become by the 10th season. I have limited hopes for the spin-off, Joey, but I do hope it surprises me pleasantly.

Inspired, though, by a wonderful and silly anecdote from one of its episodes, and by a game I was encouraged into playing at a particularly embarrassing party for me, I have a compiled a list of my top 5 actresses.

So; not in any particular order, and selected for a plethora of, often random, and only slightly superficial criteria, here they are:

Kate Beckinsale
Sarah Chalke
Jennifer Connelly
Kirsten Dunst
Jennifer Aniston

I should point out at this point that their IMDB photos don’t do them the greatest justice, but they are nonetheless all very beautiful.

[Listening to: Already There – Goo Goo Dolls – Superstar Car Wash (02:46)]