Dating theories

I was talking to Gemma about dating the other day, and the high risk game that it was. Gemma works in HR, so knew exactly what I meant when I suggested that making them take a belbin profiling test wouldn’t be the worst of ideas. You’d find out if they were leaders or folllowers, axe-murderers or team-players, and all the rest of it.

Unfotunately, and Gemma agreed, it might prove untenable to persuade potential datees to take a written test prior to a first date; however, Friends (and before it, no doubt, teenagers at summer camp) provided the answer by means of the ‘either or’ game, in which you present your date with a series of either-or questions, and demand instant responses.

For example:
   Red or blue?
   Jam or marmalade?
   Fight or follow?
   Axe or teaspoon?
   Right or left?

Or some more subtle collection of questions. Suggestions on a postcard (or a comment) if you can think of some good questions to ask, that will reveal your date for the psychopath or the angel that they are. (Please note again, I don’t believe these are the only two options. I have faith that they aren’t).

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