You know guys, I learned something today…

I’ve been walking head first into inspiration lately. First, I read Michael Moore’s latest book, Dude, Where’s My Country, and determined to write to Mr Moore, get a job working on his staff and move to Washington to help the war against Dubya.

Then I watched School of Rock and Mr Jack Black’s high octane, high energy honest-rocking got me geared to write songs. In fact, last Saturday I met a cute New Zealander, and while I failed, in consultant terminology, to “seal the deal”, I’ve decided to throw my inhibitions to the so-called winds and write a song about the sexiness of antipodean-accented-ladies Although I may have to substitute “Australia” for “New Zealand”, for the benefit of good scansion.

While I’ve done and watched many other things recently, the lingering power of those two works has me contemplating my own future, self-involved egotistical bull as that may seem. Michael Moore points out in Dude that the truth of capitalism is that you, being Joe Average, are not ever going to get rich and famous, and that’s part of Capitalist America’s myth that ultimately allows people like Dubya to make massive tax cuts for rich people (because Joe believes that one day he’ll be there, and he’d like that tax cut then). I, being reluctant to accept that I’m Joe Average in any way, and with minimal inclination to money and power, at least, am still looking for a way to change the world. Ok, some money and power might be helpful to that end, but I’m looking for a route. Waiting for my rocket to come. Waiting for my real life to begin.

So a public thanks to Michael Moore and Jack Black. You charming chubby Americans, your pride in what you do, the strength of your convictions and your tireless struggle to promote ideology which I have strong empathy for, if not entirely believe, is inspirational. In the words of AC/DC (and possibly they were paraphrasing a Caesar, but who really knows?): “For those about to rock, I salute you.”

Or in the case of Mr Moore and Mr Black: for those already rockin’.

Afterthought: perhaps the Liberal Myth is that one man can make a difference. I’m not sure I’m cynical enough to abandon that yet.