Welcome to division6

Um, you may have noticed that armand.co.uk no longer works. It should start working again soon, but the fact that you’ve managed to find this site means I probably emailed you to let you know that division6.co.uk is the new URL for this site. It’s a long, tedious, technical story that largely has things to do with tinned pork. Spam, for those of you who either eat halal or kosher, or never realised that that’s what spam was named for.

Anyway; division6 is my new domain: guesses on which pop culture reference I’ve chosen for this potentially generic naming on a postcard, or click ‘comments’ after this post and guess. Best idea gets a prize, even if its not the idea I had in mind.

Incidentally, my one-post-a-month average can’t make for interesting reading and almost certainly isn’t driving my hit count up as fast as Qwghlm’s Daily Mail Headline Generator, so look out for improved blogging: you already have two posts for March! Is the Webbiverse lucky?