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Windows 7–ready for touch screen interface?

In a word, no. I tried HP’s all-in-one touchscreen HD machine briefly today and whilst it is a stunningly put together piece of hardware – almost of Apple-esque proportions – the Windows7 UI is absolutely hopelessly adapted to touch. There’s little Touch specific UI, no friendly icon driven interface like the iPhone has, and doing anything with touch alone (with the exception of zooming into and out of stuff) is hopelessly fiddly.

HP & others – Apple has been slower on this stuff, but when they come in (and now that they have the AppStore on OSX it’s only a matter of time), they will be good. Don’t believe Microsoft’s bullshit marketing (‘To the cloud’ my ass, you’d be lucky to hit the browser bar with a finger), Windows 7 can’t do this by itself. Do what HTC did, skin the OS to a point of usefulness, and THEN you might find you have a sleeper success story on the cards.

But I doubt it. There’s a lot to do…

More of my thoughts on the future of human/machine interaction soon.

Laptop advice – get a SSD!

As the unofficial tech support for a number of my friends, colleagues and most of my family, I’m always, *always*, asked what Laptop people should buy.

After a couple of weeks using a new machine with a Solid State Disk (SSD), my advice is fast becoming: get whatever you like the look of, but make sure it has an SSD in it if you can. Sacrifice the storage space for the speed…

Hard disk technology has been largely static for the last 10 or so years – platters spinning like super-condensed long-play records. The things that have moved along include reliability, energy consumption, storage density and the like. However… speed wise, they’ve not progressed substantially. Most consumer drives have platters that spin at 5,400 (slow) or 7,200 rotations per minute (rpm). The read/write and seek times on these disks (which determines, by and large, how fast applications respond when they need to access the disk) are limited by these spin rates.

With SSDs, there are no moving parts – we’re talking the same storage technology used in USB keys, iPods, etc. So a) read and write times are often much, MUCH, faster, b) performance doesn’t degrade over time (no platters to get worn down), c) energy consumption is reduced and d) they deliver much awesomeness. They’re totally worth the extra money if they are an option from your laptop vendor of choice… Oh, and if you get Windows 7, it’s written to take advantage of them…

Windows 7 kicks Vista’s ass from the install

Thanks to Microsoft fluffing the deployment, Windows 7 only became available properly last night (Saturday night) making it much easier for me to nab one of the 2.5 million licenses being made available in the next two weeks. The MS servers crashed at the official release time and they deployed an Akamai delivery network that seemed stable for my download last night.

So far, a much simpler installation, and better hardware support than Windows Vista had… It will be a pain to manage the process when the beta expires.

Although IE 8 seems to suck as much as IE 7 at the moment. WordPress doesn’t seem to render properly…

Bring on Windows 7

I’ve reached a point of incredible frustration with Vista, to the extent that for the first time since Windows 95 I’m going to install and OS beta. Well, assuming I can get one of the 2.5 million downloads of Windows 7 Microsoft is making available tonight… Have already asked around the office to see if anyone with friends at Microsoft can get me in on it if I miss the download window (no pun intended)…

XKCD today therefore made me chuckle (as usual, when they’re not off in the depths of programmer geekery that goes over my head).

And I don’t want to go to Ubuntu or OSX for a variety of reasons. ’nuff said.