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LSR: back to business

First post-physio semi-substantial run – 10k this morning, in about 64 minutes with a 2 minute rest in the middle. Runkeeper tells me that my pace was pretty consistent, my body (so far) tells me that I haven’t exacerbated any injuries. Rolling etc., was pretty standard afterwards, although with the diet going simultaneously I feel a bit drained!

My hamstrings are pretty tight, which I knew, but that’s the one bit that pulls when I run. Need to keep stretching them out until I have something resembling a normal person’s stride!

Must make sure I take it gently now – tomorrow I’m off running and I might do a gentle 5-6k on Monday, and then build to another longer run next Sunday – maybe jump to 12-13k as I bypassed my first initial target for myself of 7k this weekend.