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Welcome from Armand

Hello and welcome! On this blog James and I will be charting our progress as we train towards our respective half marathons later this year. James is a veteran at the running game (heading for his sixth half-marathon and fresh from completing the London marathon) – whereas I’ve never, ever run competitively. The “long slow run” is a reference to the longer weekend run that forms part of many runners’ training schedules as we work towards a long-distance goal – but you probably knew that, and it is just me that’s finding all this out for the first time…

James and I are colleagues at PR firm Brands2Life and he’s one of several people that have been providing wisdom and advice as I’ve jogged down this path. My thanks also go to Paul, the ultimate running Sensei, Rach, who is running with me in September, Amanda, my wife and my semi-retired-from-running-friend Jimjamjebobo… and many more, no doubt.

If you think of anything, or anyone, that’s saying useful things about running please let us know as we build up the blogroll and start maintaining this blog.