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Marks & Spencer green Thai spiced chicken soup review

Description: “A blend of British chicken, Jasmine rice and water chestnuts in an aromatic Thai spiced broth.” Poor show on the chicken, and wish I’d noticed that it was described as “broth” when I bought it, which is an euphemism for “watery gunk.”

Health: OK-ish at 390 calories for the pot, but low on protein and fibre and relatively high on sat fat. Damnit.

Taste: Meh. Watery soup, absent chicken and the inexplicable presence of water chestnuts (which should not be present in anything, as far as I’m concerned) makes this pretty mediocre. Yes, it tastes of “green Thai spice” (whatever that is) but its correlation to green curry is as a McDonald’s chicken McNugget is to a whole roast chicken – distant and only recognisable once someone’s told you.

Full-o-meter: I suspect its going to be WEAK, given the poor textures and nutritional value.

Verdict: 1/5. My lowest rating ever. Seriously, M&S, even the ‘1’ is being charitable. You can do better.