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Eat Texan chilli con carne soup review – Big Bold

Description: From Eat: “A rich, meaty chilli with minced beef, kidney beans and peppers, spiced with chipotle (smoked jalapeno) – it’s the only authentic way to make it! Garnished with sour cream.”

Health: Quite substantial – 377 calories for the big bold – and reasonably high on sodium and fat. Still better than your average sandwich, though…

Taste: Luscious. A thin chilli, you might think would be a bad thing but it works so well as soup. The level of spice is low for someone who loves chilli as much as I do, but that means it won’t offend the broader public.

Full-o-meter: The presence of kidney beans ups the fibre content of this soup and I find it keeps me full for a fair while. Lactose intolerance means I skip on the sour cream garnish, which might add to the lasting power of this little beauty.

Verdict: 4.5/5. Very little to find fault with here. One of my top Eat Soups.