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Booze inventory

Having avoided my liquor cabinet for some time, on account of it being in a very mouldy vault, I forced myself to go through it this morning and made some rather excellent discoveries. Or rather, rediscoveries as I must have bought most of this stuff over the course of my last 7 years in London.

Salvaged from the mould:

5x bottles of nice champagne
5x assorted whites
6x assorted reds
2x brandy liquers
3x assorted whiskeys, including a nice single malt
1x sambuca
1x tequila
2x vermouth
1/2 a bottle of rum (why has the rum gone?)
5x assorted spirits, including the excellent Vana Tallin purchase on our Estonian voyage in 2004.

In fact, all that seems to have gone off was a bottle of sherry, a half bottle of port and a bottle of pre-mixed Sangria I bought on holiday in Madrid in 2001 and was probably never going to drink anyway.

An excellent haul, and once we’re done refitting the kitchen (a fun January, post-engagement, post-Christmas treat), we’ll have a party and see if we can get some cocktails mixed up.

As an extra bonus, the Transformers (Robots in Disguise, not electrical apparatus) I’d stored in inadequately sealed containers, seem to have survived their ordeal relatively unscathed. Woohoo!