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Twitter trolls

I got a bit overexcited earlier today and posted disagreement with Kate Bevan’s piece in yesterday’s Guardian on Twitter troll & spam, which I’ve since taken down.

It turns out I agree with her, if I think she used a (IMHO) misleading headline (“Why are there no spam or trolls on Twitter”) — whilst there are plenty of ‘friend whores’ on Twitter, as I commented yesterday, the extent to which they irritate consists of occasional emails as Twitter notifies you that you’ve been added by someone completely random, not the relentless onslaught of botnets sent to drown you in waves of computer generated link-hogging spam. But anyone who uses Twitter with any regularity will have experienced the troll-like idiocy of the friend whores and therefore be confused by the headline. But maybe that’s the point…

Thanks to DoctorVee for pointing me to the story. I hope no-one works out a way to turn it into a spamfest, as I’m rather fond of Twitterland.