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Sunset vs sunrise running

sunset on my run homeMost of my running training last year was done before work – 6ish am runs along the canal path for 30 mins to an hour depending on how early I needed to be in and how vigorous I was feeling.

I found the running on empty, early morning runs purifying in a strange sort of way – serene, calm, contemplative and, well, from a practical point of view, not-resulting-in-unexpected-upset-tummy along the way, caused by random combinations of foodstuffs rebelling against the exertion.

But with Emily around, and the commute, the early morning runs are not so much an option so didn’t make it out today till 3ish – and again on Amanda’s egging on, had decided to make it a 10k so, at my pace, running through sunset. To my surprise, I improved on my pace from recent 5ks and really quite enjoyed the late afternoon run.

I’m not sure what the received wisdom is and mostly intend to avoid the risk of an unsettled stomach on a run, but I won’t write off afternoon running as I have done in future….

2011 running to date – 20km. Not too bad. Hoping to get out again tomorrow but we’re also taking Emily swimming so time might be somewhat short… still, v exciting way to spend her 3 month birthday!