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Steve iPlumb

Met the most extraordinary plumber the other day, thanks to a recommendation from our NCT friends (and Checkatrade, in turn). Steve not only managed to fix our hot water issue quickly and easily with a bit of Macgyvery, he was amazingly articulate about what the issue was in easily comprehensible English… and when he brought out his iPad to take our details for his home-made CRM and invoicing system I was predictably impressed. He described how the specific database package had billed itself as nearly ‘uncrackable’ and explained it was probably slow because a few of his mates were having a go at testing the claim (!!). He’s also possibly the only plumber in the world to use the phrase “I’m a Mac and Linux man, I hate Windows.”

It’s a whole new world we live in where your plumber has a set of friends who are some kind of cyber-fiends, but that – evidently – is what living in suburban Hampshire is all about.

Anyway, would massively recommend him, and thanks to Shashank, Andrea, Pete and Louise for the recommendation.