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Jam session and a playlist

fender stratocaster double fat

Not my guitar. But not far off

Suitably inspired, I moved my 15 year old 15 watt Marshall practice amp downstairs yesterday and got out Excalibur – my limited edition twin-humbucker 1990s Fender HH Strat variant – for a little solo jam last night.

Huge fun.

Totally unexpectedly, songs I learnt to play as a teenager at boarding school came relatively easily to my fingertips. Well, riffs I learnt to play, if not songs in their entirety. The ‘middle 8’ continues to confound me, and I need to learn some.

I’m going to make myself a playlist of songs I want to memorise. It won’t be massive, 10-15 songs or so in the first instance. But it’d be nice to sing and play whole songs rather than the fragments I know at the moment.

Any requests? I think Weezer, some Killers, some Mumford, maybe some RaTM… will all make it onto the list.

The dangers of collaborative playlists

Had my work stag do on Friday night. It was awesome, needless to say – I work with good people, and my work best men did an exemplary job in organising the venues.

In the hour or so before we left the office, as is our habit on a Friday afternoon, we kicked off a collaborative playlist on Spotify to get people in the mood. Given my impending marriage, you might expect some cheesey / romantic tunes, and indeed, there were one or two of those. However, it seems that there are some cynics in the house (and even more on Twitter as @qwghlm, @krsjn, @flashboy and @jat45 started kicking in their own contributions). Think Charlie Brooker’s moodkill playlist and you’ll have a sense of what’s on there.

If you want to see how the final playlist shaped up, point Spotify here. Be warned; there are some fairly horrible songs in there :-).