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Planet Organic lentil & spinach soup review

Dropped into the Planet Organic grocery story the other day and had lunch with Amanda. Impressed by the fresh soup…

Description: Chunky, dal-like lentil base with loads of rich, fresh (presumably organic) spinach for a lightly spiced mild-curry of a soup. Served in a 14oz cup with a seeded multigrain wholemeal roll. Great value at £2.49 (vs. £3.49 for a typical Pret Soup with roll, or about £3.60 for Eat).

Health: Not sure. No nutritional information available online. Probably pretty good on all counts though.

Taste: YUM. The mild curry brought back the taste of home (Malaysia), the spinach was rich, tasty cooked perfectly (not mush!), great textures, consistency and taste.

Full-o-meter: Pretty good. Hard to tell as have been out of diet mode over Christmas but definitely kept me going!

Verdict: 4/5. Definitely keen to pop into Planet Organic for another soup sometime soon.