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One-track, fifth-gear mind

Chief Propellerhead When we bought our family car just before Emily was born, Amanda pretty much just gave in under the persistent and tedious weight of my talking about it. Every car we saw on the street was pointed out, analysed, I’d read a review and considered or dismissed it as a possibility. When we eventually went to buy the car, we pretty much got the first car on my list – and the first car we test drove – as Amanda was confident that was the best strategy to get me to finally shut up. It worked – when you’ve taken that decision and sunk the cash into it you really don’t want to be considering what might have been.Now that we’re thinking of replacing Horse, the aging but reliable Skoda Fabia, the old obsession beast is rearing its head again. I’m trying to be more restrained, but if there’s anyone that does want to yammer on about fuel-efficiency, boot capacity, 0-60 speeds, resale value, performance etc., please let me know as you’ll provide me with a valuable outlet!