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Glee season 2 – episode 11… a return to form?

So, erm, yeah, I like musical stuff and Glee, too.

Last night’s episode was a bit of a return to form for the series. Where most of this season has seen a series of randomly interconnected songs with minor bits of more or less completely tedious exposition, there was actually a plotline in this episode. Zany, as ever, but more or less contiguous and coherent. Cannon, much?

Hasn’t been a better ep this season since Gwyneth did Cee-lo, IMHO.

Does it get better? Or worse…?

Trailer for ep here:


I’m off to see the LoTR musical tonight (through, no less, a Lastminute.com 50% discount offer), so was amused by the below viral which was forwarded to me today.

Very fun. Great idea. Well executed.

Update: LoTR musical was ok. A little too camp for LoTR and a little too fantasy adventure for a musical, but some of the songs were pretty strong and the experience as a whole was lots of fun. The staging was very creative, too. I have ordered the CD.