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French Film on DVD!

FrenchFilmDVDMy brother and his film company made a movie a couple of years ago which is making it onto DVD in early Feb, just in time for Valentine’s day.

French Film, which I blogged about at the time of its cinematic release, is a funny, sweet love story told via the medium of French cinematographic stereotypes and, erm, Eric Cantona. It’s totally entertaining, very watchable, and only £7.99 on Amazon. Maybe Katie or Claire will even review it sometime? Or Laura might suggest it as a V-day gift?

Trailer follows. Please do go buy it if you’ve any interest in the genre!

If you’ve seen it, please write them a nice review on Amazon!

Infidel on DVD and Blu-Ray from tomorrow!

Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! I promise you won’t make my brother rich, but you will a) be entertaining yourself, and b) helping out a little bit. If you don’t remember, it’s the film Arvind produced that came out to vast amounts of press and warm reception from the critics earlier this year. It tells the tale of a moderate British muslim who one day finds out he is really Jewish, was written by David Baddiel and stars Omid Djalili et al.

The Infidel Movie – Baddiel, Djalili, Schiff & co…

…and not forgetting my brotherThe Infidel Movie is is the next film due for release from Slingshot’s slate, and tonight we got invited to the first UK screening of it – for ‘cultural influencers’, and apparently siblings who blog incessantly about soup…

I was honoured, as ever, to be included in the audience which included not a small number of celebrities, luminaries, writers, producers, directors and friends, and delighted and proud to enjoy this wonderfully heartwarming, funny, tightly orchestrated, beautifully soundtracked film.

For those not in the know, it’s the story of MAHMUD NASIR (Djalili), the ‘Homer Simpson’ of Islam, finding out that he has to impress his son’s father-in-law-to-be (a fundamentalist Islamic cleric) within an hour of discovering that he was adopted, and his real/birth parents are actually Jewish. He seeks council from his nemesis, Yank Jewish London Cabbie LENNY (Schiff), and tutelage in what it means to be a good Jew.

As controversial as that might potentially sound, the film manages to handle the tension and controversy without descending into twee-ness; it delivers a happy ending without a Deus Ex Machina, the music and pacing and humour is wonderful, the characterisation is compelling and the story is heartwarming in the extreme. I find myself wanting to go to both a muslim wedding and a bar mitzvah, befriend Richard Schiff and go drinking with Omid (although as a Baha’i he probably doesn’t drink…)…

Anyway, needless to say I recommend it, and I hope you all go and see it in the cinemas when it is released, around April time I think (become a Facebook Fan to get the news as it comes), and buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray when it comes out later in the year.

It is a wonderful movie…

Indiana Jones and the Kindgom of the Crystal Skull: be warned

(Reposted from my Flixster review).

There are so many thing wrong with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls. Here are some of them.

1) Shia Lebouf
2) That whole thing with the Fridge. Really.
3) A “space between the spaces” ship. Seriously.
4) Shia Lebouf again.
5) Monkeys
6) Ants
7) Tarzan Lebouf
8) Gunpowder magnetic drift
9) Rocket sleds
10) Generic Stalinist supernaturalist baddies
11) Shia Lebouf
12) Steven Spielberg’s penchant for leaving no loose ends or any ambiguity about the happy ending, and the new franchise…
13) …except insofar as the rules don’t apply to non-white characters and (obviously) Communist baddies, who all end up with a bullet in the chest or an exploded brain.

They should just make a proper film version of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and keep Shia Lebouf well, well away.

[Blog append: there are some brief, entertaining, familiar Indy moments. Stuff with the hat, the whip and some wisecracking. But really, not enough for 2.25 hours in the cinema hoping, dear god, for less exposition].

French Film

Long time readers will know that whilst I work in the world of technology PR, my brother has a marginally more glamorous career – he’s a movie producer. His next film, French Film, should be out later this year and the website has just gone live here.

Starring Hugh Bonneville (Notting Hill), Anne-Marie Duff, Eric Cantona (Manchester United) and Douglas Henshall (Primeval) amongst others, it is very, very entertaining and I hope you get a chance to see it, join the Facebook group etc. Definitely check out the trailer at the French Film website.

Indiana Jones and the… something. Who cares?

More awesomeness here. The Indy theme is a work of genius, and another one of those songs that, when it gets going, you just get all adventuring inside. Of course, the closest I’ve ever come to adventuring is living vicariously through Indy’s feats in Fate of Atlantis.

Wisecrackin’ genius you just don’t see any more. Game designers of the world, sort it out. And bring back Guybrush Threepwood, whilst you’re at it.

The Interwebs is amazing (pt 54)

Pat was going on at me to watch the new Iron Man trailer, so when I caught it listed (atypically) on The Superficial, I naturally checked it out. It is awesome, Robert Downey Jr seems to be an inspired piece of casting and I’m getting increasingly excited about a character and film I didn’t give two hoots about. It may also be that Toby R & Pat and people telling me how amazing the new spate of Marvel films are going to be is sinking in…

But the bit that makes the interwebs cool was when I googled “Iron Man Theme” because I couldn’t remember where I heard the rockin’ riff at the end (and I didn’t want to pay Shazam any money, and yes, shame on me)… And found this. Music and lyrics included. The awesome randomness of the Interwebs.