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Foodie blogs

I’ve mentioned before that I’m reading quite a few food blogs to deal with the perpetual hunger that comes with being on a long running diet. Here are a few recommendations for you…

Downright greasy
This is why you’re fat – does what it says on the tin. Pictures of really horrifying examples of lardiness.
Meat in a roll – a catalogue of ridiculously named (mostly UK-based) takeaways and kebab shops
Insanewiches – again, what it sounds like. And more! Crazy, inspired combinations of bread, meat & cheese. It’s insane in the grain!
Fancy Fast Food – repurposed value meals from the likes of McDonalds reincarnated as haute cuisine
Epic portions – lots of big food here, in – you guessed it – epic portions. Although the blogger is currently going through something of a diet…
Food in real life – I love this concept. Comparing the pictures with the reality – microwave meals on the box vs. the actual product, with reviews. A bit American for me, but still good to know.
Phoood – reviews of junk food.

Healthier choices
Serious eats
Cooking with Amy
How to cook like your grandmother
No recipes
Om Nom London
So Good Blog
Reactive cooking
The Food in my Beard
All things Dolce

Needless to say, I recommend all of these. Any other food blogs I should be reading? Particularly interested in UK ones, greasy ones, ones devoted to soup, and anything particularly interesting or quirky. Given the diet I’ve been on, interesting takes on calorie-counting involved ones might be good to read too. And obviously any blogs dedicated to bacon will be added to my RSS catalogue without pause for thought.