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Spore and Jonathan Ross

Jon at EA sent me a copy of the Spore Creature Creator, a component of the new landmark title from Maxis (y’know, the SimCity guys) that’s due later this year. I haven’t installed it yet, but was amused by the consequences of Jon demo-ing it to Jonathan Ross and his family (and most especially his son Harvey).

Harvey posted on a forum that he’d seen the game and received tens of pages of comments because people didn’t believe he was Jonathan Ross’ son, because people believed he was, because they didn’t believe he’d seen Spore, and because they did. It was all a bit bizarre and Jon, who works the PR at EA, had to comment on it for a blogger or two.

I’m not at the level of fame yet that I get personal demos of new video games (Jon, when does that happen?***), but it’s nice to get sent stuff to play with too. I’ll be writing a bit on the C&C 3 expansion pack soon, which EA were good enough to send me last week.

We’re working on some gaming stuff at the office too. When I get those previews I’ll let you know.

*** Just spotted this. I can win the celebrity Spore experience by entering a competition with EA. Maybe I should try the Creature Creator first…