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Home made pizza

Made delicious home-made pizza last night. Followed a recipe similar to this one for the base (minus the sugar and polenta) and this one for the sauce.

Delicious. Although as when making Roti Canai, I found that I couldn’t spread the pizza base easily without tearing it without quite a bit of olive oil. The end result was crisp, not too bready, and very tasty. In retrospect, a little brown sugar in with the pizza sauce might have added a nice sweetness (or maybe some red pepper, like the Domino’s guys have done with their redesign).

Amanda thought the balance was slightly out as the sauce was very rich and heavy and the crust very light – we could probably have addressed some of this by blitzing the chunky tomatoes or using passata instead of chopped tomatoes in the sauce. Might try that the next time.

Topped lovingly with chorizo, portobello mushrooms and low-fat mozzarella (diet ongoing, after all!). Recommended.