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Hay fever data visualisation – failed

I had hoped to find an open source of historical records on pollen levels over the last 10 years ago to establish if there was some correlation between my having felt better this year than in the last 3-4 and general pollen levels. It seemed like it would be a fairly simple bit of data visualisation – line graph up the average monthly levels of different types of pollen over the last decade or so once I’d sourced the data from the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit.

Unfortunately its data is not available to the public and they haven’t responded to my email. Anyone else got any other ideas for sources of open data on this?

Late night, late start, hayyyyyyyyfever

Broken today by hay fever and limited sleep caused by late night at B2L 10th birthday party, but totally worth it – a magical evening celebrating the 10th birthday of the company I’ve spent the last six years of my life working for. Very much fun.

Today’s Juneathon effort: cycle in and out (11k, 40 minutes ish), followed by curry and the commencement of BIL-to-be’s (my sister’s fiancé’s) pre-stag curry. Stagtastic.

Training vs. hay fever

I don’t know what’s going on with the pollen but I am anti-histamined up and haven’t been in any state to run since Tuesday. Hoping I can pick it up again going into the weekend and we get some rain to flush this crap out of the air. Horrible, back-of-throat-scratchiness. Yech.

It is better to run through the discomfort and sleeplessness? Damn pollen.