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First father’s day as a dad

Sunday was yet another wonderful experience. I still hadn’t shifted into the mindset of being a dad as far as the day itself was concerned so being presented with a set of awesome Superman cuff-links and a railway pass holder was a wonderful surprise at breakfast (which was a bacon sandwich – Emily/Amanda are awesome!).

It was a day spent bustling about doing things, hanging out with Em whilst Amanda did some work, playing in the afternoon sun, searching for bikes with baby seats and visiting the local VW dealer (another indulgence for me from Am/Em), assembling forts in the living room and scrabbling around on hands and knees finding innovative ways of making Em chuckle and Amanda smile. In many ways, a typical Sunday. But absolutely glorious, of course, and tinged with the poignancy of arbitrary significance (Father’s day is largely a Hallmark holiday, after all).

There were a couple of interesting interludes – an unexpected email from my old friend Ellen with the below wonderful song from Ben Folds had me thinking about the future.

This Google Chrome ad also triggered a bit of introspection and future gazing. I wonder if the me of five years ago seeing that advert would have immediately shoved it into the ‘ignore’ pile, or would have welled up with the same, bottom-of-heart feeling that it evoked in me when I saw it yesterday.

A wonderful day. And nice that it started with us speaking to my Dad on Skype before he flew back to Malaysia – his first Father’s day as a grandpa.

Cloud browsing

My desktop is getting increasingly virtual, and I’m happier and happier to flip between browsers and machines, as long as I can get Firefox installed and run Xmarks – a very useful bookmarks synchronisation tool.

Pleased to read today that Xmarks is testing a plugin for Chrome which will let me sync my bookmarks with that browser as well – as much as I love the speed and simplicity of Chrome, I can’t use it as my primary browser until it catches up with the essential add-ons I use in Firefox. These include, but are not limited to, Xmarks, IETab (IE emulation for sites that break in FF/Chrome) and Gmail manager.