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Waitrose Moroccan chicken soup review

Description: From pack – “A chunky, filling soup of chickpeas, British chicken and sultanas, spiced with roasted coriander, cumin and cinnamon.” Yep, that’s right, emphasis on the chickpeas!

Health: Awesome. <300 calories for a 600g pot, loads of good fibre, low on fat.

Taste: Good, aromatic, thick, tasty near-stew of chucky veg and shredded chicken that is reasonably well spiced. I think it could use a bit more salt and chilli/spice to give it a bit more kick/moreishness, but very tasty. Slightly heavy on the chickpea front, which no doubt contributes to the bulk and health of the meal but feels a bit disproportionate.

Full-o-meter: Pretty good for such a low cal meal – in no small part due to the large number of chickpeas.

Verdict: 4/5. I regularly return to this one, it’s a less guilty pleasure than the Keralan Chicken if not quite as tasty.