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Collapsed whilst relocating campsiteWatching the footage from Glastonbury took me back four years to my first trip to the festival. I was overweight and underfit, struggled with the camping, and knackered each day by the tramping about in wellies. I hated not feeling clean and I felt properly wiped out by the cost of everything.

But I had fun, after a fashion, and in most respects thanks to Amanda’s amazingness -  and its funny how – looking at the footage – the discomfort in itself acquired a sort of nostalgic charm.

I’d like to go again, or to another festival – better equipped this time – if we can work out a way of making it fun for Emily. I’ve had the Big Chill and Bestival recommended to me as family-friendly, will need to give it some thought….

Come to a festival with us – its gonna be great

If you’re not festivalled out by Glastonbury next week and fancy another one in mid-July, my friend Ben of awesome band Urusen (who I’ve mentioned before) is organising a cool mini-festival near Bath this year. It’s not expensive (£30), will be fun and includes lots of great stuff. See below for more – its a secret, but tell your friends.

Love, A


I’m helping promote a mini secret festival in Bath this year called EyeFest, over the weekend of July 18th/19th. They have a great line up of bands, DJs and film for the Saturday. Included in the price is tea and cakes in the afternoon, Hog roast in the evening, and a fry up breakfast the morning after (also veggie options), and all for £30.

EyeFest is not advertising publicly, so it’s all word of mouth between friends to make sure we have a really nice crowd. There’s lots more info / videos / pictures at www.myspace.com/eyefest

If I have sold it to you (yeay!) then here is the link to buy tickets

The festival is run by some friends of mine to raise money, which this year goes to three watery based charities (more details on the myspace page), hence this year’s theme “Nautical but Nice”.

For those who are super keen, EyeFest are also running an offer whereby you can buy 5 tickets for the price of 4 discounted tickets.

Feel free to spread the word around close friends / friendly who you think might be keen to come (and you would like to be there – I trust your judgments), you can direct them to the MySpace page, or send then the links above.