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They launched the T-Mobile G1 today (they being T-Mobile, Google, HTC and everyone else, but also the T-Mobile team across the office from me).

It looks pretty awesome, the screen is really responsive, the long touch thing is cool, the UI is lovely, the browser is nice, the screen is pretty.. it’s generally cool. Register your interest here.

I want:
– one handed texting
– pre-emptive dialling
– video messaging

…and I think it needs Exchange support (much as I think Google Apps is awesome — and yes, they’re a client too) for those business users. But maybe someone can write an ‘app’ for the phone to provide this functionality…

Urban Survival

Some of my colleagues at Brands2Life put Bravo Two Zero’s Chris Ryan through his paces for T-Mobile, to raise awareness of its mobile broadband ‘Web ‘n Walk’ service (of which I am a satisfied, paying customer). Some of the videos that came out of it look pretty awesome (including Chris abseiling down a building in Mancheter, training a football team in Birmingham, training an American Football team in Leeds and boating around the Thames in London.

Looks like it was huge, busy, thrill-filled fun as a campaign…

[I do promise I will do some personal, exciting blog posts soon. Things are busy. Parents in town. Please forgive.]