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Offspring @ Brixton – mini gig review

offspring at brixton In a word, awesome. I didn’t particularly know the support acts (Broadway Calls and Rival Schools), but (despite being alright) they paled in comparison to the 80 minutes of high-paced, high adrenaline action the Offspring delivered. Can’t help but think they deliberately mess up the levels on the support acts to make the headliners sound better.

I persuaded Matt to come with me, and despite the fact he’s not a fan, the Offspring’s 20 years of performing and recording (!!) resulted in enough tunes for him to recognise and nod along to. Having lost some weight I was able to do the jump-up-and-down-headbanging-thing (bouncing? that’s not very rock) without injuring my knee, which was pretty satisfying when they played Self-Esteem.

Huge fun.

Amusing to see Dexter play a song on piano too (vid not mine, but courtesy of YouTube). In a separate note, Noodles (whose chat is pretty awful) was one of the most precise guitarists I’ve seen for a while.