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Vinturi wine aerator

I’ve given two of these Vinturi wine aerators to people who love wine as gifts recently and thought it’d be worth a blog post when I saw that Epic Portions had done a review.

For those not in the know, the wine aerator lets you pour a single glass of wine and instantly aerate it – run air through it – which does a number of things. It helps break down the tannins, softening the taste of the wine, and according to Epic Portions improves the nose, body and finish of the wine.

From my experience with it, it definitely does improve the taste of wine, whether its is a budget bottle that needs growing up, or an expensive bottle that needs time to breath. It’s also brilliant for people that want to have a glass of wine per night and then seal up the bottle with a wine vacuum pump.

I’m slightly bemused by the fact that there’s a version for white wine as (a) I can’t see it not being the same thing and (b) I can’t see it helping, most white wine I’ve had seems to oxidize badly on over-aeration (not to mention the fact that it may warm too much).

Nonetheless, it gets my thumbs up as a clever gift idea.