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Finding similar music… if you like acoustic/rock

Last.fm is wonderful – it helps me find the types of music I like based on my previous listening and on what people I know like. But it’s not that helpful for some of the bands I’ve been listening to lately.

Urusen, friends of mine, inexplicably unsigned, don’t have a lot of associated listeners. Neither do the guys who did Once, a wonderful soundtrack my brother introduced me too. The Rushes, a band who’ve covered Waterloo Sunset (it’s beautiful, really wonderful) for French Film‘s closing credits, don’t have enough similar bands either. Powderfinger, who Tony introduced me to, do a great acoustic version of Sunsets. Most of their music is much rockier (which I like too, but doesn’t fit my bank holiday Monday mood).

So I have to resort to the old fashioned way. I have to talk to people about music, find gigs etc. Which is fine, and fun.

…but I wouldn’t mind if someone developed a social music app that didn’t just analyse the metadata of the song, but the tone, character, mood etc. of the song itself. A kind of intelligent version of the Moodlogic application I used oh-so-long ago would be nice.