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Vicious cycle of unhealthiness

I nearly didn’t make it out today. It was literally freezing, snowing slightly and I’d had another week of unhealthy eating and stress that left me feeling far from prepared for a run of any distance.

Amanda, as ever, was my saviour. When I started to make my excuse – “I just want to spend the morning with you and Emily…” her response was simple. “We don’t want you here. We want you healthy!”

Suitably incentivised, I headed out for an hour and, as ever, was warm enough within the first 3-4 minutes despite the chill.

Another 10k, marginally better time that my previous effort but given the mid-week binges on food (the opposite of what I was managing when my diet was going well) progress feels slower. It’s frustrating as breaking out of this cycle is proving very difficult but I think I need to do it, and my Dailyburn updates may resume in February as I try to clamp down on the eating.

Gotta break the cycle!