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Welcome, work contacts

I’ve gotten used to the fact that this blog is principally an outlet for my random running thoughts. I guess the fact that people so rarely comment on the posts (except for Sensei Paul!) themselves means I sometimes forget I have readers!

That said, the content I publish here syndicates to homes on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Buzz, so I suppose I should be less surprised when people comment on it.

Last week the surprise came when a research firm I’ve done some work with came in to present to us. The director looked at my shoes and said "Ah, New Balance 850s. For the moderate overpronator. Did you run your half-marathon in those? Have you chosen your next race yet?” I really didn’t expect that as an opener and was duly surprised!

I really don’t mind blurring the lines between my personal and professional life a little bit (I draw the line at headhunters approaching me via Facebook!), and love that knowledge of this blog (and my other blog) brings out some individuality and passion in people in unexpected contexts.