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Current blogging

The eagle eyed followers amongst you will have noticed I’m not blogging here that much at the moment. That’s because most of my professional blogging is plugged into LinkedIn and the company blog, and my amateur blogging is focussed on burgers and lives here.

I did have a brief interlude as a political commentator and you can find that on the Independent here. I might try to do more of that in the future…

Hope you’re all well.


This is probably the 10th ‘apologies, I’ve been too busy to post’ post in the 11 year history of this blog. I’ll try to be better; gradually finding an equilibrium between the various things I do.

Life is awesome: kids great, work exciting, gradually getting the running going again, and today I’m going to get a dirty burger for lunch. Where’s the bad?

In the meantime, go read my colleague Nikhol’s blog about food and get hungry in anticipation of Friday lunchtime and the bank holiday weekend.

Good to be back. More coherent posts to follow.

The routines and rhythms of a country gentleman

I seem to be turning into a country person. My surprisingly enduring passion for running has been joined by a not-insignificant-interest in gardening (at least insofar as it results in food), instead of drinking I’m more often driving, BBQs have become a regular occurrence, and every room in the house is fast acquiring its own ‘project’ – whether its painting a wall, putting up shelves or insulating.

Is this a mark of middle age? Maybe. Am I embracing it? Hells yeah, this is massive fun. Maybe at some point a year or two after we moved in we’ll ‘finish’ but the received wisdom seems to be that these things are endlessly cyclical…

There are limits to this, though. I don’t own any tweed, will never own a gun, and don’t plan on taking up hunting or fishing. Golf, however, may happen again at some point…

Commute blogging

The increased volume of blogging despite the fact I’m back to work is down to the MacBook Air and 3G card. I rattle off a few posts into Evernote, then refine and publish when time allows, adding links and correcting stuff. It works brilliantly when I get a seat (and don’t have more pressing work bits to contend with).

Hope you’re enjoying it. Any requests or feedback appreciated.



Enjoying the return to work, but the commute hasn’t got less painful. The trains are persistently overcrowded, I’ve been standing whilst trying my new work-on-the-train routine (Macbook Air + 3G card – light, but not light enough for easy one-handed typing!), and the intermittentness of the 3G signal is frustrating. One day I’ll get to grips with this…

At least the MacBook is getting a good flexing, though. The super-quick resume from standby is fantastic, and my love-love relationship with Evernote continues – amazingly handy for catching thoughts, actions, draft blog-posts, to-do lists and more.

{Aside} – given how remarkably overcrowded the trains have been, I can’t believe they’re planning on massive residential developments in the area. I’ve a mind to get involved in the protest.

The end of the sabbatical

Wow, that was a magnificent break. Two months out of the office is a significant gap, and let me witness Emily’s first roll, first self-fed food, her sitting up properly, her first slobbery kiss for Daddy, her grins at her godparents, grandparents, aunties, cousins and uncles all over the world.

Emily coped remarkably well with multiple flights, and marginally less well with being on a boat (she seems to enjoy boats a little less than her Dad – at least at night) – and loved all her family, strawberry and sunshine experiences.

We had a wonderful time with friends and family, in the garden, doing some necessary shopping and seeing (not nearly as much as we’d like) our friends. A few projects are ongoing, but progress is being made…

The first couple of days back at the office have seen me surprisingly refreshed – and I’m excited about the things to come. I’m hoping I can maintain the running routine (more on that to come) and can continue to give the attention to this blog that it deserves.

The novel writing dream didn’t materialise; I think I need a more active collaborator than me, myself or I to make that one come to be. Maybe some day…