Considering Android and the Samsung Galaxy S2

Actualizar Samsung Galaxy S2 a Android 2.3.4 GingerbreadTom’s last shopping recommendation saw me acquire my now much loved Macbook Air. Now he’s sporting a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I’m – for the first time since I went over to the iPhone platform – considering Android once again. The screen is beautiful, the camera remarkable, the replaceable battery convenient, I think there’s pretty much parity on the Apps that I use over on Apple’s platform. Of course, I’ll have to buy some of them again, which is a pain, but the migration process would be painful for anyone for a while…

That said, the Galaxy S2 is a new phone, and my iPhone 4 is coming up to 15 months old, so I’m going to wait and see what happens when Apple makes its announcement on the new phone at the end of the month. Some of the new rumours are promising (although very unconfirmed) – nice ‘retro’ curved design, larger screen… we’ll have to see.

It’d have bad knock-on implications on my status as a iPhone blogger, so that’s obviously going to be a consideration! :-)