The retention gambit–9 months free O2 broadband

O2broadbandSo, yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and started signing up for BT Infinity. Despite the customer service rep’s assurances that all transfers would be handled slickly by them, the last stage in the process was the need to enter a ‘MAC’ code from O2, so, needs must, I gave O2 a call. At which point… they offered me nine free months in the next twelve, an extra three on the advertised six months they’re giving customers of two years or more.

That’s just plain silly.

I’m sadly not in a financial position to sign up to an additional 200 of expenditure a year that I don’t strictly speaking need to, and so renewed with O2 for another year. I did take the opportunity to upgrade to the ‘better’ of O2‘s two unlimited bundles. I’m unlikely to see tremendous performance boost but I’ll take what little I can.

I’m often amazed at what these retention lines are empowered to do. Given the cost of acquisition must be significant – I continue to get a mailshot a week about BT Infinity – loyalty is to be encouraged, and there’s limited ongoing cost in keeping a customer signed on.