The harvest 1.2

We’ve now had potatoes from the garden (good, but nothing magical – the Lapland potatoes aren’t ready yet and the other ones are fairly ordinary), tiny strawberries from the strawberry pot (sweet and Em loved them), as well as a bunch of courgettes (standard). We’ve tasted a couple of the (baby) carrots but they need a bit longer to get to a better size.

The rhubarb is ready for a crumble and the tomatoes are ripening fast. A small pepper has materialised but the aubergine remains dormant. The yellow courgette isn’t flowering yet, and squash and pumpkin plants are still young.

The rocket has died – bad luck, ants and weeds stifled them we think – but we may have another go.

Next year – fewer potatoes, methinks.

Huge, delicious, fun.