First run in a while – aka the anti-Juneathon

I finally made it back out last week, after slightly more than a month spent avoiding running at all due to a combination of laziness, lack of motivation and busy-ness. Last year I ran practically every day for the first two weeks of June, so quite a difference this time around…

It was quite hard work,and although my timings weren’t woeful (31.30 and 32.30 for two successive 5ks), they weren’t great, either.

It’s amazing how quickly at my age the fitness deteriorates. A few months ago a 5k run was an effortless thing, and now I’m stiff the next day.

Ah well, more practice and more stretching and a bit more focus. Much as I hate to contemplate it, at current rates of training and improvement, the Basingstoke half is not looking like a good idea. But there’s a couple of months of summer left – I will do what I can!