More produce!!! Gardening update #24601

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Further to the first few cucumbers, we’ve now got tomatoes, strawberries and courgettes in a state of rapidly increasing readiness, and have put the last seeds into the plot – more carrots, some rocket and a pumpkin and a squash plant. Hopefully they’ll thrive as everything else seems to be doing at the moment.

The rhubarb will be ready for a crop in a few more weeks – it’s been growing very well in the rainy weather we’ve had – and we’ve started the process of getting stuff fertilised as we get deeper into the growing season. The lapland potatoes collapsed under their own weight, so Amanda has staked them and we’ll have to rebury them in some fresh compost in the hope of increasing the crop / and to give them a bit more support.

The weeding hasn’t been too onerous, but given our laxity in planting I’ve had the luxury of just raking over the spartan half of the veg patch. Now that we’ve got plants in all around, it’s going to be a hands and knees job. Still, there’s a lot of satisfaction – and veg – to be had!