How to be a prolific blogger

People have asked me how I’m being so prolific on the blog. Well, other than the fact I have 2 hours on a train most days and have the time to tap out thoughts, here’s what I’m doing – three broadly practical and three psychological things:

  1. Making quick notes on Evernote every time a post idea occurs – on a PC, Mac or iPhone
  2. Capturing and clipping links in both Evernote and Google Reader
  3. Blogging in plain text in Evernote (on a Mac), then publishing using Windows Live Writer, pulling shareable images from Flickr or elsewhere to illustrate the stories and adding additional links


  1. Being more curious in conversations with colleagues, friends and strangers
  2. Picking and choosing which posts I want to build out and research in full as I go
  3. Forcing myself to write as often as I can so I don’t build up any kind of weird blogging self-consciousness

The readership of the blog has gone up substantially since last December – averaging just over 200 visits a day – and I’m enjoying the occasional interaction in the comments as well as the increased store of knowledge I’m getting on all things. Tony Buzan was right – adults aren’t curious enough – but having a blog to write seems to fuel that thirst for knowledge, and maybe I’ll be able to keep up with my daughter…