Market forces explained by Emily

My 8-month-old daughter has a really good way of demonstrating market forces, in particular supply and demand.

When there is limited supply (i.e. I don’t have the toy) demand is proportionally great, and I will do anything to obtain the goods required, especially if I think the goods required are being deliberately withheld by an oppressive regime (playful parent) – measures may include clambering over interfering parents, crying and/or grabbing painfully (the baby equivalent of a declaration of war).

When there is a glut of supply (i.e. I have the toy), the demand dwindles (and I can commence one of my routine experiments to verify that gravity is still working by dropping aforementioned toy on the ground, preferably from a height) – the analogue of losing interest in a war on foreign soil.

Am I extending the metaphor too far?