Another garden update

The garden’s doing well – a quick produce update:

  • All our Lapland potatoes have sprouted and will get buried under another layer of soil and manure compost this week
  • Our cucumber plants are flowering!
  • We’ve germinated a couple of yellow courgette plants, which will go in soon
  • Our chilli seeds aren’t coming up yet, but we’re still vaguely hopeful
  • We’ve planted aubergine in the greenhouse, and strawberries in the strawberry pot – both shop bought rather than from seed
  • Carrot seeds have gone in the ground – no joy as yet
  • We’ve relocated the rhubarb as it was too shaded where it was. It’s struggling to thrive.
  • The other courgette plant is coming along
  • The potatoes in the planter are growing like crazy!
  • The tomatoes are getting tall, but no flowers as yet
  • Tonnes of nascent blueberries, apples and plums on those trees
  • The olive tree is growing but not fruiting as yet

We’ve got another batch of seeds that need to go in and I have to patch and plant some new grass to help the garden recover from the Fiskars session, but on the whole its really all coming together nicely.