A week with the HTC Sensation

HTC Sensation: A1 bringt erstes Dual Core Smartphone von HTC =A week after giving up on the the Blackberry Torch as a clunky not-quite-there-phone, my brother-in-law has given up on the dual-core Android 2.3 megadevice, the HTC Sensation. He much preferred it to the Torch, but, as I suspected it might, the iPhone has ruined him for even marginally less intuitive mobile devices, and the freedom of choice on how to customise the platform was more than he wanted. His thoughts below; which chime neatly with my own thoughts on the Android platform. Powerful, but not ready yet.

Bil’s review:

So, the htc phone…. Well, perhaps the reason I’m writing this note on the iPhone probably says it all……!

Sure the bigger screen, amazing camera & great graphics will win you over, plus the speaker phone is also strong but as an everyday practical device there are still too many minor flaws. Writing a simple note, a reminder, a calendar entry all involve too much ‘faff’. It’s just slightly tedious, your thumb precision is really tested (ok, sure you can rotate the phone for a wider grasp but that requires readjustment and hassle). Perhaps the htc is overengineered? Flexible gingerbread platforms and custom home pages allow you to create and personalise the phone to fit your preference. Fine. But then what?? If it doesn’t do what you want it to do what good is a sexy layout?

iPhone 5 or whatever it’s going to be labelled, will bring something new to the Market…. again, so i’ve decided go reacquaint myself with the iPhone platform ahead of what’s round the corner.

So, here’s to Apple and their product, it’s good in all areas rather than being spectacular in some and letting itself down in others…..

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